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Our Story

At Bethel Regency, we are architects. We love to design beautiful homes with clean, modern lines.

Luxury home design is our passion.

We started 15 years ago as an architectural firm. We would design incredible homes and hand the plans over to contractors to build them for our clients. It was always surprising to us what details would be omitted to cut costs or for the sake of expediency.

We soon became frustrated architects, looking at homes now missing the WOW factor. It was depressing.

Palladia Ext 3Some Einstein in our office was so fed up one winter afternoon in 2001 that he wondered out loud why we couldn’t be like the great Italian masters we studied in architecture school and strive to be both master architects AND master builders. This idea struck a chord in all of us.

So we approached our next client with the proposition of acting as both designer and builder.

And 15 years later, here we are: Following in the footsteps of those we admired most as wide-eyed architectural students. We are, admittedly, light years away from achieving their greatness or artistry, but like them we enjoy the fulfillment of seeing good design take form in its pure state—undiluted, unblemished, and uncompromised.

It is music to the eyes.